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Cast Metal Replicas of Buildings 

Raising the art of pewter casting to a new level, our historical replicas 
are meticulously researched and exceptionally detailed. 
 In order to capture this high level of detail, we cast most buildings in multiple 
pieces which are then assembled to create the final masterpiece.

This expanding collection is currently available only through this website.  
We hope you enjoy them.
- Edward Howard

Testimonials from our customers...

"The Municipal Bldg arrived safely.  The detail and modeling is excellent. Really of the not-to-be believed category.  Actually, I think  you've entered into the higher category of Architectural Miniature, as opposed to souvenir metal building.  Congratulations on all these--I know it's been a long process and a labor of love as well. Well worth the wait for all of us"!!  
- Dixie Trainer,  Souvenir Building Network

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Chrysler Buildings
empirebutton120.jpg - 3823 Bytes
Empire State Building

Metropolitan Life

Municipal Building
"Your work is beautiful.  These models are absolutely fantastic - far beyond your description.  They will make wonderful additions to my collection".
- Alan Rauch

"Your replicas are beautiful!  I have never seen such a collection of precision and detailed structures before".
- Richard Donahue

CitiCorp Building

Sears Tower
John Hancock
John Hancock
pics.jpg - 4046 Bytes
Into Gods Hands

John Hancock
Custom Replica
for Avnet

"Absolutely awesome detail...closer to a Faberge egg than a souvenir building".
- Robert Haley

"Congratulations on these masterpieces.  I hope they sell like cookies because they are surely worth it.
- Secundino Fernandez, Architect
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If you would like to be e-mailed when additional buildings become available, email us and mention you are interested in our precision replicas. 
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