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BACK Your custom 3d topography model is fabricated to your specifications.
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3D Topography Model
3d topography model

3D Topography Model

3d Topography Models like this can usually be completed in 4-6 weeks.

3d topography model3d topography model3d topography model3d topography model3d topography model3d topography model

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3d topography model
You can order your 3d topography model finished to any of these levels:

1. Raw foam 3d topography model right off the machine.
2. Hand finished 3d topography model ready for painting stepped or smooth.
3. Painted 3d topography model - base color ready for your detailing.
4. Painted 3d topography model with roads, walks, water features etc...
5. Finished 3d topography model with all of the above plus landscaping.
6. Landscaped 3d topography model with mass form or semi-detailed buildings added.

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