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Pine Knob Golf Course

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Project Parameters of Pine Knob site plan model
Scale: 1"=100' - Size: 3'x4' = 12 square foot

SITE: Grade: 180' - Contour Interval: 5' - Vertical Exaggeration 150%
36 contours cut from 4" foam, painted with roads, parking, water features, landscaping =
$270.00 per square foot x 12 sf = $3,240.00 - Stepped or smoothed (shown).

BUILDINGS - 120 mass form 1 color homes, condos and commercial modules
((6 unique x $150) + (114 castings x $4.50)) = $1,450.00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TOTAL - $4,690.00
Time required 2-3 weeks from receipt of information and 50% retainer. MC / Visa accepted.

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Photography, (12) 8"x10" prints, (2) 12"x18" prints and project website - FREE

Sample color scheme will sent for your approval.
Photos of project will be emailed to you (or put on project review website) at each of the following points:
When site is milled.
When site is painted base colors (grass, roads, parking, walks and water).
When buildings are machined.
When buildings are painted.
When buildings and landscaping are complete and on site.
When final photos are taken.

We meet our deadlines. We will commit to delivering your model by a specific date. You will receive your model by that date. If you don't - you can deduct 5% of the contract price each day it is late (not likely to happen since we are in business to make money).
Click here to see our TOPO PRICE CHART
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