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Gulf of Mexico Terrain Model
Terrain Model - Rajant - Trade Show Model
  • Gulf of Mexico Terrain Model
    Terrain Model - Rajant - Trade Show Model
  • Trade Show Model
    Rajant Trade Show Model
  • Terrain model
    Gulf of Mexico Terrain Model with LEDs and Fiber-optics

Rajant Corporation wanted a model to help prospects understand the power of their Kinetic Mesh Network technology. This trade show model utilizes micro LED lights and fiber optics to illustrate how drilling platforms aircraft and vessels stay continuously connected throughout the gulf coast perrimeter.

This 30"x60" terrain model had 3 switches which light up various zones of the network. Rendered bathymetry of the gulf floor was added to the orthorectified aerial photography. Being a representation, the various white components were oversized for visual effect.

Most of our printed terrain models are ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

This looks great!! Rajant is going to be very pleased with this.
Thank you,

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