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Description 1
  • NewJerseyHighlands1-800px
    Description 1
  • NJHC-Close-up-800px
    Description 2
  • S46C4741-1200px
    Description 3
  • NJHC-GraphicsOnly-800px
    Description 4

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition wanted a portable terrain model of their coailiton for use at development meetings and strategy sessions. This terrain model while only 20" x 30" had quite a bit of information on it. State, county, coalition, municipal and watershed boundaries, roads, rivers and lakes, and 2 subtle shades of green to differentiate between development and preservation areas all overlaid on top of satellite/aerial photography. The base relief model was fabricated in fiberglass because it is both durable and light weight. The final image is with a similar map without the satellite imagery. Since our fiberglass bases are laid up in a mold, it is easy to make additional copies.

A terrain model like this might take 3-4 weeks to complete.

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