Terrain Models Pricing - Raised Relief Models

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Price Chart with Approximate Pricing. Cost per square foot.*
*Minimum 4 sq. ft.

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Printed Terrain Models
Full color high resolution (720dpi) imagery and graphics printed on the 3d terrain models surface
With a clear protective coating over top.
terrain models
There is a $1,000 setup fee plus the Price per square foot - 4 square foot minimum.
Below pricing includes a limited amount of graphics & image preparation.
If extensive preparation is involved, your quote may be higher.
Printed Terrain Model
On Polyurethane Foam Foam with Epoxy Fiberglass Fiberglass with Epoxy
$550-$750 $600-$800 $800-$1000 $850-$1050

Polyurethane-Foam Raw & Painted
Topographic Models
Foam Thickness Milled & hand-finished (raw foam) Milled, hand-finished & painted Plus roads, walks, parking etc.. Plus Landscaping
2-4" foam $275-$370 $300-$400 $320-$455 $340-$510
4-6" foam $330-$465 $360-$495 $380-$535 $415-$595
6-8" foam $375-$530 $410-$565 $430-$605 $450-$630
8-10" foam $430-$620 $465-$655 $490-$685 $520-$715

For definite pricing, call us
or email us one of the following:
1) Location information or a map. Clearly mark the outside borders of the model. Please list desired options.
2) Email AutoCad or .dxf site file along with desired borders, scale and options.
We will email you with a price quote.

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