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CitiGroup Center - CitiCorp Center

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This building - originally called CitiCorp Center, now CitiGroup Center was designed by Hugh Stubbins - The Stubbins Associates -aka- The Stubbins Group in 1972. Considered quite innovative for the thoughtful integration into the urban context, it was also known for the incorporation of solar panels on the roof.
This CitiCorp Center building replica has a highly detailed base and plaza (including stairs). CitiGroup cast pewter replica souvenir building.

Pewter Citicorp Building - Scale 1"=200' - Height 5" tall. $ 275.00

Citicorp 5" tall - 1"=200' Buildings available: (Just call us to order and tell us what Series number you want from the list below!)

Citicorp Center Building 200 Series # 27
Citicorp Center Building 200 Series # 28

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Citigroup Photography
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