Empire State Building 3d studio max model and solid model

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3d Empire State Building mesh model - 3ds max format & sla-stl



Empire State Building 3d model
Empire State Building 3d model image
Empire State Building 3d model
Our painstakingly detailed, 3d-computer database is available for sale. Modeled from actual blueprints it is the difinitive 3d model of the Empire State Building. It will not come cheap. Price is dependent on use. It is available as mesh or solid model. See our casting of the Empire State Building below and also see our Architectural Scale Model Gallery, Photography Gallery and Photo Retouch Galleries!

Empire State Building Miniature Replica

Pewter Empire State
Building Replica
Empire State Building

Empire State
Building Photography
Empire State Building Scale Models

Empire State
Building Scale Model
Empire State Building Photo Retouch

Empire State
Building Photo Retouch


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Empire State Building History:
Construction of the Empire State Building was completed in 1931, this New York City NY Icon was called the Eighth wonder of the world and remains one of the worlds most beloved buildings to this day. How tall is the Empire State Building? It did in fact originally top out at 1250 feet. Add in the tv-television tower constructed in 1950, the height of the Empire State Building is now 1472 feet tall. It was the tallest building in the world until the WTC-World Trade Center was constructed in 1972.

The Empire State Buildings Address is: 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 213 New York NY USA 10118

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